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Gorizia, Italia

What I do

Photography: interiors, architecture, corporate for promoting the brand.
Interior Design: commercial and residential interiors, custom furniture, interior decoration.


I graduated in architecture at IUAV in Venice and I later specialized in interior design. At the Domus Academy in Milan I deepened the themes of communication and set-ups for exhibitions and fairs.
I collaborated with several architectural firms as a freelancer. I dealt with architectural and urban planning, commercial and residential interior design, custom furniture, exhibit design. I also collaborated in the drafting of plans and strategies communication.
The passion for photography dates back to university days. My first shots in black and white were the result of studies of architectural subjects and urban landscape. I’ve always thought of photography as a research, an exploration, firstly of places and then of people. I participated in several photographic exhibitions with fine art projects centered on the relationship between man and his environment.
Now I deal most with interior, architecture, corporate photography for promoting business brands. Some images have been published on magazines: Dove, Cucina e vini, La Madia, Gioia, VistaCasa.
I like changing my point of view, looking at things from another perspective. Creativity is the strong point of my work.

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