Pattern Design + Exhibit | Flowermood

In 2019 I had the pleasure of joining the activities of M.A.D.A.Temporary Lab of Cividale with some furnishing accessories to present Flowermood, a concept of images and photographic patterns.
Flowermood finds application on the most different surfaces following the contemporary trend of textile design, interior design and interior decoration. Flowermood is a state of mind, it has the delicacy of flowers, their colors and incredible shades. It is an “technique of emotions”, every flower and every color of the chromatic scale recalls a specific emotion. Its applications in the interior spaces in which we live and work, through the energy of colors and the harmony of the forms of nature, make unique the environments and objects and bring feelings of well-being.
The Flowermood patterns presented in the original design objects and prototypes are printed on different materials: wood, paper, canvas, polyester fabric and cotton fabric.

ServicesArt Direction, Design, Pattern Design, Exhibit Design