Travel Cards


Ink-jet printing, 86×56

“Dissidentici”, museo Etnografico di Belfiore di Pramaggiore (Ve), Associazione Culturale Rizoo di Portogruaro (Ve), 2014
“Open!”, Ordine degli Architetti, Gorizia, 2018

The travel cards tell us about cities and towns, their historic centers, architectural presence, voids, roads, important places, suburbs. 
The subject is the urban space, designed or layered over time; or rather, the construction of urban space and the search of its form.
 Large squares, narrow streets, ancient architectures, modern buildings, parks and nocturnal bisons, technological stations, glacial lights, cast iron lamps, isolated trees, buildings in line, cube buildings, buildings scaffolded since decades, cosy spaces, abandoned spaces.
The travel card is by itself the memory of a time lived in a certain place, it is the representation of an idea of a place. The sequence, in addition to the documentary intent and the communication flow from the single image, has the intent to represent for comparison, with contradictions and similarities, shapes and materials of the spaces. There are represented the urban places, similar to culture, that we build by ourselves and that at the same time affect the way we live and our relationships; there are the places that we visit every day, see, live. It ‘s a research on what is there, that already exists and that photography can record.