Digital printing from negative film on fine-art paper, 40×40, 20×20


“Spiaggia libera”, personale/solo exhib, La Fortezza – Galleria d’arte, Gradisca (Go), 2010

“Spiaggia libera”, personale/solo exhib,Triestèfotografia, Caffè Trieste, Ronchi dei Legionari (GO), 2011
“Aquamater”, Villa Mocenigo – Alvisopoli di Fossalta di Portogruaro (Ve), 2011

“Il quando di adesso”, Galleria d’arte di via Diaz, Gorizia, 2011.

In “Free Beach”, the new photographic work of Valentina Brunello, there is mainly the desire to tell a place. A place lived and that belongs to her. A place that is, at the same time, a non-place, surreal, oneiric, in some magical moments. Depending on the season, it is rather bare, free of obstacles, almost empty or, on the contrary, dotted with numerous presences, people who are crowded on the beach and at sea, imperturbable in their role as devotees. A continuous and constant dualism, even when the beach offers nothing but itself. The photos tell more of a “personal condition” than the observation of reality, they describe the environment but they focus more strongly on the inner landscape, on the sensation that is triggered by the contemplation of the sky and the sea, when they touch and they merge, divided by the horizon which in some moments seems to disappear. A landscape, inside and out, in continuous transformation. [Cristina Feresin ]