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I have always loved the art of staging. The object of my final thesis for my university degree in architecture was a scenography project of a work by E.Ionesco and a few years after graduation I attended a course at the Domus Academy of Milan about exhibit design for art exhibitions and fairs. The temporariness, the chance of invention and the ability to tell, make exhibit design an extremely stimulating and interesting subject.

Until 2010 I belonged to E20, a cultural association that organized several artistic exhibitions of art and visual communication between Cormòns and Gorizia and for which I was mainly involved in set design. In 2009 we organized the exhibition “Michael Inmann – Left Spaces” which had an excellent response from the public. Among the other exhibitions of the association: “Entrata libera”; “Valentino Vago – Orizzonti informali”; “Gianpietro Sono Fazion – Opere e non”; “Felice Canonico – Aperture”; “Werner Tscholl. Architectures 1993-2002”; start of the preliminary phase of “Materika”. Gorizia-Nova Gorica International Sculpture Biennial .

Among the other sets for art exhibitions I dealt with, I’d like to remember: ‘Art, cor – Espressioni sul territorio’, in collaboration, Museo del territorio, Cormòns – Gorizia, 2006; ‘From the land of Ghenghis Kahn, the traditional clothing of the knights of the steppes’ at Pasian di Prato – Udine, 2001; ‘Luisa Morassi Bernardis. L’arte di disegnare il quotidiano’, in collaboration, Gorizia, 2001.

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